Do I need to keep my wallet running 24/7?

No, we keep your Znode running 24/7 so you don’t need to. We’ll send you a reminder email when you get a payout.

Where do my Znode rewards go?

Your 15 XZC rewards are deposited directly to your wallet, specifically to your collateral payee address. Your payee address can be found by logging into the dashboard and clicking show on your node.

How much does Zednode cost?

Our pricing can be found at our homepage,

Our prices are fixed in USD and we offer discounts for longer terms.

When I turn on my wallet, my node says PRE_ENABLED or EXPIRED, what should I do?

Due to some bugs in the wallet software, sometimes a wallet will report incorrect node statuses. When in doubt, restart your wallet and wait for everything to sync up. If you have a rank showing at, your node is most likely active and your wallet is incorrect.

My Znode has been active for x days, how come I haven't received a payout yet?

Just because your rank shows 1 at, doesn’t mean you will be paid next. All znodes in the top 10% are eligible for the next payout and chosen at random. Once you are in the top 10%, you could be chosen next, or it might take a few days. This randomness should average itself out over a longer time period.